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Frequently Asked Questions About LitPick Book Reviews

Who is LitPick Book Reviews?
LitPick Book Reviews (the sister site of Flamingnet Student Book Reviews) is a worldwide network of preteen, teen, and adult book reviewers. LitPick is an enhanced version of Flamingnet, offering a robust online reading and writing program for students and adults.  Parents, teachers, librarians,and other educators can involve their students or adults as individuals or as book clubs, classrooms, or reading groups. 

LitPick Student Book Reviews student book reviewer application

How can we start a book club with LitPick?
A teacher, librarian, or parent can sponsor a LitPick student or adult book club by signing up their students or adults for a group membership.  Groups of students or adults can review the same title on LitPick as an eBook. We have hundreds of eBooks on our list that are available for review.  Contact us for details.

Are students and adults paid for their reviews?
Students and adults keep the complimentary review copy of the book they review in exchange for an honest review. 

I would like to know if the program assigns books to students and adults that are age-appropriate for them? 
Students and adults choose the books they want to review from a booklist online. We do not assign our book reviewers books to review. In the case of student book reviewers, we ask that the student's sponsor approve all books which the student requests to review.

Is parental permission needed for students to participate in your program?
LitPick Book Reviews does not require parental approval, although in order to sign up as a LitPick student book reviewer, each student MUST have an adult sponsor (parent, teacher, librarian, homeschool educator, etc.).   When signing up a student group, adult sponsors of groups should consider getting permission from parents or legal guardians to share email addresses with LitPick.  We have created a consent form to help you.

Is student and adult information kept confidential and not given or sold to others? 
Absolutely!  The information we collect from students andn adults is kept confidential.

I have 50 fifth graders that I would like to sign up, but they do not have personal email addresses. Will this be possible?
If students have school email accounts, then the teacher can sign them up for LitPick using school email addresses and passwords that the teacher creates (and records).

If the students do not have school email accounts, we can explain to you how to get multiple uses out of one gmail account. 

Do LitPick student and adult reviewers get to keep the book that they review?
Yes, reviewers keep printed review books after their book review is posted on our site. Reviewers can also keep eBook review copies. However, the LitPick Book Reviews honor code for student and adult reviewers includes a pledge not to share print or eBook copies with anyone else out of respect for the authors and publishers who have entrusted us with these new YA books.

How can students and adults outside of the United States become LitPick book reviewers?
Individuals or groups of students or adults from outside the United States can become LitPick book reviewers of eBooks.  There is no administrative or membership fee required.  We have hundreds of eBooks on our online booklist that are available for review, and we welcome reviewers from all over the world to join us.

Can students and adults who do not want to review books still join LitPick Student Book Reviews?
Yes, preteens, teens, young adults, elementary, middle school and high school students and adults can join as LitPick members if they do not want to become LitPick book reviewers. LitPick members receive many benefits such as access to booklist of online reviews, announcements about new book releases, private content, giveaway contests, and other special offers.

Can adults review books for LitPick Student Book Reviews?
Yes, adults can sign up to review books for LitPick.

Can any author or publisher have their titles reviewed by LitPick Book Reviews?
Yes, we are always looking for new books for our reviewers to review. LitPick offers several different types of book review packages to help you obtain a book review from our students which we then promote to our members and across all our social media pages as well as in our monthly newsletter.

LitPick Student Book Reviews book review packages for authors and publishers

What you can find at LitPick Book Reviews Online?
At LitPick Book Reviews online, we have preteen books to read, teen books to read, and young adult and adult books to read.  LitPick book reviewers review these titles, and we post their book reviews for teens.  The books and reviews on our site can be used by librarians, teachers, homeschool educators, and parents to create a middle school book list, a high school or upper school book list, and a homeschool book list, as well as booklist of online reviews from all our student andn adult book reviews online.


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