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I love everything about LitPick! The variety of books to read and genres is awesome; if you can't find something on LitPick to read, you didn't want to read at all. KK – Indiana

LitPick has been a phenomenal experience for me. For months I enjoyed reading the teen book reviews that my peers had written about new and upcoming books that I couldn't wait to check out at the library. When I found that I had an opportunity to review YA books of my own, I was thrilled. Becoming a reviewer for LitPick has enhanced and broadened the types of literature I read. I am so glad to be part of such a great community in which people from around the world enjoy the wonders of reading. MW - Massachusetts : )

I love LitPick. Not only do I have an opportunity to benefit from the free books I receive, but I also get to improve my reading and writing skills. I think that LitPick encourages young adults to read because they have a chance to see what other young people think about books. I feel it is an excellent reading and writing program, and I am honored to be a student book reviewer. KL – California

Your book reviews for teens are great.  I also like that you always talk about new teen books and then also show student book reviews on these books.  You really have a lot of teen books to read on LitPick. Thanks!  DR - New Jersey

What made you decide to become a student reviewer for LitPick?
When I was in sixth grade, my sponsor and librarian had my entire class write a review on a children’s picture book.  Contrary to the rest of my class, I had a blast summarizing, critiquing, and recommending the book for other readers.  After she read my review to make sure it was up to par, Mrs. Rowe then told me about a site where I could order a book, read it, write a review……and then get to KEEP the book!  And the rest, they say, is history.

What do you do as a LitPick student reviewer?
As a LitPick reviewer, I get to do all sorts of cool things and correspond with all sorts of cool people.  When I am ready to do a review, I log onto the website and browse through the expansive booklist, and when I happen across a book that looks interesting to me, I request it to be sent to my address for review.  After I have received the book, (it usually gets to me within a week), I can start reading it and writing a review.  In my review, I like to have a paragraph summarizing the book, a quote, my opinion, another quote, and then the ages I would recommend it for. I then send it in, let my sponsor check it over and make necessary changes, and the LitPick team does the rest!

Please tell us three things about yourself.
· I take classes in ballet, contemporary, and jazz dance techniques, dancing about 4 ½ hours a week at my studio and many more at home!
· I enjoy public speaking and have competed in multiple speech and essay contests.
· Besides dance, I also enjoy activities like volleyball, softball, babysitting, running cross-country, rooting for the St. Louis Cardinal Baseball team, and reviewing books, of course!

       What types of books do you like to read?
I enjoy writing and reading stories that are a little dark and dangerous, with factors that keep you on the edge of your seat and guessing.  Bonus points if there’s a mega plot twist at the end!

      Where is your favorite place to read?
I would definitely have to say my front porch swing.  I always find it so peaceful—when the weather’s nice and I need some time alone or am looking for inspiration, I always find that the gentle motion of the swing helps calm me down and gets me thinking clearly.

      Is there anything else we should know about you?
I am so excited to be a part of this awesome program and the opportunities and experiences I have gotten from it!  The staff has always been so kind to me and my sponsor, and always makes sure that my interactions are easy and worry-free.  From a tried, true (and tough) book reviewer, I give LitPick five stars!  If you are interested in becoming a student reviewer, be sure to log onto for more information!

What do you do as a LitPick sponsor?
As A LitPick Sponsor I read, make minor edits, and evaluate student book reviews.  As I read a review, I make any small changes (like typos or left out words) that will make the review more readable.  If there are other changes to be made, I send the reviewer a note along with my suggestions for changes. However, that is not all I do as a sponsor. I teach my students about the site and how to use it to chose books.  I introduce my students to book reviews and teach them the difference between book reviews and book reports.

Why did you decide to be a LitPick sponsor?
I was introduced to the site through one of my students.  She loved being a book reviewer and was always telling me of the great books she read. I became a sponsor to help give some of my other students an outlet for their creative voices.  I noticed some students that had a gift for writing and a love for reading. LitPick was the perfect fit for them.

What is the best, or most rewarding part of it?
The most rewarding part of being a LitPick sponsor is seeing my students self confidence as readers and writers grow.  Seeing them enjoy good books is very rewarding, but knowing that they are also communicating their thoughts and feelings about the books to other teens is even better.

What types of books do you like to read?
My reading interests range from elementary picture books (Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake, to elementary humor (Flora and Uylsses) to young adult fantasy (Unwind) to poetry (Langston Huges).  I am not sure I can be confined to just one category.  If the book is well written, I will probably enjoy it!

What do you do when you aren’t doing your LitPick sponsor duties?
What I love about LitPick is that it doesn't take too much time out of my schedule.  I can quickly read and evaluate a review, approve it, or send a note with my changes all from the same page on the LitPick Sponsor page. Then, I go back to being a Librarian/Reading Teacher.  When I am not working I enjoy time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I also enjoy photography and my ladies book club at the nicest little store in town.

Is there anything else we should know about you?
I love the fact that LitPick allows students to rate the books based on the content maturity level. They can rate the book and then explain if it is language, sex, or violence that makes them think it is a book for more mature readers.  It is helpful to me as a librarian and as a book guide to my own grandchildren.

I want to thank you for giving these girls the opportunity to review for you. We are located in a very rural part of Ohio and often these students don't get these types of opportunities. I know that they both have gained self-confidence in their reading, their writing, and themselves throughout the course of the two years I have known them--much of that is due to your program. Though they only reviewed a few books for you, it has made the world of difference. I hope other preteens and teens are affected in this way by reviewing for LitPick. SS – Ohio

I love all that you do to promote reading with kids, preteens, teens, and adults!! KW – Virginia

Thank you for your work!  Love those new YA books! HY – Utah

Love your site! I look there all the time to find GREAT book suggestions! LC - California

I use your site to create a homeschooling book list for my homeschooled students.  A lot of the are now about middle school age and I really like that you have a good number of teen books to read on your site.  Your student book reviews online are also very helpful whne I am trying to figure out what to recommend to my group.  Keep up the great work.  AP - Indiana

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